• Any student attending or planning to attend an accredited four-year Michigan university pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree. (List can be found here)

• Full time enrollment (12 or more credit hours) for Fall and/or Winter semester

• Albanian Ethnicity of 50% or more.

• Minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average.


An essay is required as part of this application, please upload a word document less than 500 words. The questions is as follows:

The unexpected pandemic of COVID-19 impacted the lives of countless people around the world from health, career, relationships, goals, and purpose. Explain how the pandemic impacted your views on any of the above topics, and how you will carry these views into your future.


This application must include an online transcript from the most recent school attended and a copy of IRS 1040 Income Tax Return for the Head of Household by uploading copies of each (see below). These documents can be scanned or a picture to be uploaded.

Please note we are a financial need and academic based scholarship, which means both of these will be utilized in the final determination.


This application must be completed online on or before July 31st of this calendar year.

There is no application fee for this Scholarship.


You can contact us via email,


Use the link below to submit your application. Please prepare all of the required documents stated above first before beginning this process. Your privacy is assured by the fact that the form is submitted and reviewed only on secure connections from an encrypted database.


The application is now closed! Applicants should watch for an email with decision by early to mid September!