On November 19, 1998, the Albanian American Student Organization (AASO) was established at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan to advance the spirit of higher education within the Albanian community of Metro Detroit. Since then, AASO chapters have been established at other universities and continues to grow. In keeping with that spirit, the Gjergj Kastrioti Scholarship Fund (GKS) was formed. The continuous efforts of these organizations and generous contributions of up the Albanian community make this fund possible. GKS urges all eligible students to apply for this scholarship and inform other students of its existence as it continues to reach for its goal of nationwide coverage. GKS also encourages you to contact the AASO to see if it can help you in any way during your educational experience. Ultimately, the advancement of our ethnicity is contingent upon the will of our people to embrace that which no man, institution, or government can take away– knowledge.
• Any student attending or planning to attend an accredited four-year Michigan university pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree.
• Full time enrollment (12 or more credit hours) for Fall and Winter semester
• Albanian Ethnicity of 50% or more.
• Minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average.
• Must be able to attend the "Welcome Meeting" and "Student Professional Development Day" in the Fall, and the "Annual GKSF Gala" in the winter. Dates will be communicated at time of notification of scholarship awards.
• Documents to be uploaded are listed below; please review first
This application must include an online official transcript from the most recent school attended and a copy of the most recent IRS 1040 Income Tax Return.
Online transcripts must requested from your university and emailed to thegksf@gmail.com
If you're an international student, attach a document stating that in the documents.
Please note we are a financial need and academic based scholarship, which means both of these will be utilized in the final determination.
An essay is required as part of this application, please upload a word document  no more than 500 words for both questions. The question is two parts as follows:
Part One:
How will this scholarship help you?
• Be specific about how the funds will make a difference in your life.
Part two:
Describe a contribution you have to your community.
• Share a specific instance where you made a positive impact.
• Discuss your involvement in community service, volunteering or leadership roles
This application must be completed online on or before June 30th of this calendar year.
There is no application fee for this Scholarship.
You can contact us via email, thegksf@gmail.com

  • Use this form to submit your application. Please prepare all of the required documents stated above first before beginning this process. Your privacy is assured by the fact that the form is submitted and reviewed only on secure connections from an encrypted database.
  • If you have completed application previously, clear your cookies and the application will load.
  • You must complete all fields otherwise it may not allow you to submit it.

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